What is explainX.ai?
ExplainX is an explainable AI library for data scientists that enables them to explain, analyze and debug any black-box machine learning model - in just a single line of code.
We want data scientists to be more effective
in explaining model predictions to business stakeholders and building trustworthy AI solutions.
Our mission is to make a user-friendly, intuitive, and collaborative product for data science teams to enable explainable and resonsible AI.

With explainX, you can:

    β€‹πŸ‘©πŸ»πŸ’»β€‹πŸ‘¨πŸ½πŸ’» Explain model predictions by identifying important features and their impact on the final outcome.
    Debug machine learning models by understanding data distributions and the marginal effects of changing individual feature values.
    Use the SQL module to dive into how model behavior changes with different subsets of your dataset. For example, the model might behave differently for different categories.
    β€‹πŸŽ¨ Business explanations by identifying similar profiles that support your model logic and are understood easily by your business stakeholder.
    🎨 Use our what-if analysis and counterfactuals to play out different business scenarios and identify actionable recommendations for better business decision making.

What's more?

Get in touch with us now: https://www.explainx.ai/contact-us​
Check out our pricing: https://www.explainx.ai/pricing​
​Join our Slack community: https://www.explainx.ai/join-our-slack-community​
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